First days in Sydney


After a whole week without a new entry I think I should Inform you what I've done the last week.

Last Thursday we took the plane from Dubai to Sydney. Obviously it must have been the worst flight I can remember I ever had.

There were 4 all-time crying babies seated around me.

It was that terrible I nearly freaked out. The only way not to do so seemed to be a marathon in tetris against my travelmate Meli!

It even went worse when the older man seated a few seats away from us got to epileptic attacks on the flight from Bangkok to Sydney.

So we arrived really tired in Sydney on Friday.....

Luckily we found a room to stay for the first days in Sydney, which was about 24 bucks ( thats around 16 Euros ) a night....

Sydney and my experiences in Sydney can be summed up in a few sentences.

Loud, crowded (maybe to crowded), lots of Backpackers......

But after a few days.... after we opened our Australian bank account and applied for out Tax File number we left Sydney, because we got sick of the backpackers having no clue what to do but drinking and sleeping the whole day.....


Of course I've taken lots of pictures.... the best of them I uploaded on my StudiVz account....




17.11.07 14:10

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