Final Day in Dubai (Beach! Shopping! Snowboarding?!?!?)

On our second and final day in Dubai we decided to go to the Beach.

The Beach was in Jumeira and so we had to take the Bus to get there.

In the Bus I wondered about the seating politics which meant to be very untypical for a country like Dubai, because there were seats being reserved for women.

After I saw so many women beeing veiled often guarded by their husband, I dindn't think that something like that would exist in Dubai.

After we spend about 2 hours at the beach and had lunch, we went bz taxi to the Mall of the Emirates, a huge shopping mall.

The hall is so huge that we spent the rest of our day there.

Walking threw the aisles covered completely with marble we were amazed.

It was so cool there, but the coolest thing was the ski- and snowboard slope in the Mall.

yeah really, they built a track about 500 meters length in there.

Of course we had to check that out and 2 hours and 30 euros later we were still exited and happy to be back on the streets of Dubai....

Of course the feeling was a bit strange because normally you walk out into the cold....

After a "short visit" at the local internet cafe we went to our room getting our things packed.


Dubai is a grat city an I'm sure I will return one day because the architects haven't still finished 50% of their plans!!!

10.11.07 04:46

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Clara (10.11.07 14:58)
Hi Niklas, alles klar bei euch?
das klingt ja echt traumhaft, darf ich nachkommen? ^^
schade, dass wir dich verpasst haben, aber wir lesen dafür deine Einträge ganz gewissenhaft!
gaaaanz liebe grüße, lass es dir gut gehn!


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