First Day in Dubai


The last time I blogged on my Page I was really tired because of the very long and sleepless flieght.

Today I'm tired, too, but I'm really happy that I have seen that much of Dubai in just 2 days.

After we had brought our baggage to our room and made up for a few ours of sleep we dind't have because of the flieght we startde our trip at the Gold Souk. Thats a kind of bazaar where kilos of jewelry and gold are sold. (The name is a distant hint!!! )

Followed by the Spice Souk ( What do the sell there... Correct SPICES!!)

After a short cruise on an Abra, a traditional boat, on the Dubai Creek, wen went back to the Hotel to get some more sleep....

Because in Dubai most shops are closed at noon!


In the evening, we went another time through Deira.

After we found a cash machine and we went to the local pizza hut to have something to eat.

1 hour and 40 Dirham later(40 Dirham= 8 Euro) we went on roaming through the city and decided to watch the sea by night.

As we sat at the quay we got to know to an older man, who offered us a ride in his car through the city for free.

Jeffrey (the guy) drove through the whole city and gave us our own little sightseeing tour. 

It was unbelievable for us that a person was showing us the city just for fun and I felt like I was dreaming when he drove with us to the Madinat Jumeira (Dubais best Hotel), where we good visit and take pictures.

The final station of our ride with Jeffrey was the famous Dubai Tower "Abu el Arab" where we got of his car and took a long walk at the beach....


At nearly 4 o'clock we were back at our hotel and went to our beds tired but happy about this incredible day.



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