18 days!

Hey mates!

It's 10 past 10 and it seems that I will have lots of things to do today.

First I got to check the status of my youth hostel asociation membership and then I got to go shopping, buying things I need for preparing lunch.

After that the dentist is waiting for me, making shure that I got no problems with my teeths in Australia.

In the afternoon I'll meet with a friend of mine.... may be the last time before I leave.


After taking part in training that evening I will spend a few hours in the discothek...

I hope its possibly to get all that stuff done today, becaus the next 10 days I'll be away for almost all the time.



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19 days!

G'day mates!

You just stumbled over my new weblog.

The main aspect this weblog should deal with is my journey to Australia.

Like many young people in Germany I took a break after my A-Level exams and want to spend half a year in a foreign country.

In my eyes it's a perfect posibility to get to know a lot of young people, to improve my English and to be completly independent.

But at first I want to tell you something about me:

My name is Niquo, I'm 20 years old, I'm from the south of Germany.

In my freetime I like to do sports, to ride my motorcycle or to make party.

At the moment I've got lots of things to prepare for my trip.

The last weeks I had to clarify my insurances, my visa and a lot of other things.

Along the way I made my second sailing license ( which allows me to sail on the sea)....

But I think thats enough for the moment!


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