Fancy Haircut!

After we came back from our two day trip in the Blue Mountains I decided that my hair would be way to long and I asked Torben to cut them with his electric machine.

 It went all ok, but when he just wanted to finish the cut he forgot to put on the adapter....


I think you can imagine what happend.... Bad mistake...but who cares!

And to be honest after two weeks you cant see that mistake anymore.



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To the Blue Mountains

In the beginning of the new week we decided to travel on to the blue mountains.

Because we had to come back to Sydney to get our TaxFile Number the Blue Mountains seemed to be a good possibility to go.

After having purchased our camping stuff we got off and went to the Blue Mountains by train.

There we decided to camp in a hostel called "The Flying Fox" what was maybe the best idea we had on our trip so far.

While the hostel in Sydney was a crowded bureaucratic place the FF is just a place where the first rule is to be chilled.

As we asked the owner (Ross) whether he wanted to have our passports he just told us we should first of all build up our tent.... everything else we could do later..... (and till today he hasn't seen neither my passport nor any money for that nights we stayed here!!!)


The first day wen went for a long walk through and along the Wenthworth Falls with some other German and Austrian Mates we met in the hostel.

It was such fun to walk through the bushes or to have a bath at the bottom of the falls.....

But I can"t describe the beauty of the landscape just with some words... its just impossible to do....

So I think I got to upload some pictures on my website and of course some more on my StudiVZ profile.


The next day we had a kind of chill out. We were just relaxing and planning what we could do in the time our tax file number was on the way.

The third day of our stay in the Blue Mountains we just wanted to do something really special.

For that we packed the things we needed and went into the forests of Katoomba to go for a longer walk through th bushes.

With lots of food, water and our camping equipment we started our tour through the Blue Mountains.

It was a graet walk and when we had put up our tent in the late afternoon we were tired but happy that we had decided to do that trip.

The next morning we had to walk for about three hours to get out of the forrest.

Luckily someone gave us a lift so that we had not to walk the whole way home.

Maybe I'll blog again later but not I've got to have dinner with my mates Meli and Torben!








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First days in Sydney


After a whole week without a new entry I think I should Inform you what I've done the last week.

Last Thursday we took the plane from Dubai to Sydney. Obviously it must have been the worst flight I can remember I ever had.

There were 4 all-time crying babies seated around me.

It was that terrible I nearly freaked out. The only way not to do so seemed to be a marathon in tetris against my travelmate Meli!

It even went worse when the older man seated a few seats away from us got to epileptic attacks on the flight from Bangkok to Sydney.

So we arrived really tired in Sydney on Friday.....

Luckily we found a room to stay for the first days in Sydney, which was about 24 bucks ( thats around 16 Euros ) a night....

Sydney and my experiences in Sydney can be summed up in a few sentences.

Loud, crowded (maybe to crowded), lots of Backpackers......

But after a few days.... after we opened our Australian bank account and applied for out Tax File number we left Sydney, because we got sick of the backpackers having no clue what to do but drinking and sleeping the whole day.....


Of course I've taken lots of pictures.... the best of them I uploaded on my StudiVz account....




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Final Day in Dubai (Beach! Shopping! Snowboarding?!?!?)

On our second and final day in Dubai we decided to go to the Beach.

The Beach was in Jumeira and so we had to take the Bus to get there.

In the Bus I wondered about the seating politics which meant to be very untypical for a country like Dubai, because there were seats being reserved for women.

After I saw so many women beeing veiled often guarded by their husband, I dindn't think that something like that would exist in Dubai.

After we spend about 2 hours at the beach and had lunch, we went bz taxi to the Mall of the Emirates, a huge shopping mall.

The hall is so huge that we spent the rest of our day there.

Walking threw the aisles covered completely with marble we were amazed.

It was so cool there, but the coolest thing was the ski- and snowboard slope in the Mall.

yeah really, they built a track about 500 meters length in there.

Of course we had to check that out and 2 hours and 30 euros later we were still exited and happy to be back on the streets of Dubai....

Of course the feeling was a bit strange because normally you walk out into the cold....

After a "short visit" at the local internet cafe we went to our room getting our things packed.


Dubai is a grat city an I'm sure I will return one day because the architects haven't still finished 50% of their plans!!!

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First Day in Dubai


The last time I blogged on my Page I was really tired because of the very long and sleepless flieght.

Today I'm tired, too, but I'm really happy that I have seen that much of Dubai in just 2 days.

After we had brought our baggage to our room and made up for a few ours of sleep we dind't have because of the flieght we startde our trip at the Gold Souk. Thats a kind of bazaar where kilos of jewelry and gold are sold. (The name is a distant hint!!! )

Followed by the Spice Souk ( What do the sell there... Correct SPICES!!)

After a short cruise on an Abra, a traditional boat, on the Dubai Creek, wen went back to the Hotel to get some more sleep....

Because in Dubai most shops are closed at noon!


In the evening, we went another time through Deira.

After we found a cash machine and we went to the local pizza hut to have something to eat.

1 hour and 40 Dirham later(40 Dirham= 8 Euro) we went on roaming through the city and decided to watch the sea by night.

As we sat at the quay we got to know to an older man, who offered us a ride in his car through the city for free.

Jeffrey (the guy) drove through the whole city and gave us our own little sightseeing tour. 

It was unbelievable for us that a person was showing us the city just for fun and I felt like I was dreaming when he drove with us to the Madinat Jumeira (Dubais best Hotel), where we good visit and take pictures.

The final station of our ride with Jeffrey was the famous Dubai Tower "Abu el Arab" where we got of his car and took a long walk at the beach....


At nearly 4 o'clock we were back at our hotel and went to our beds tired but happy about this incredible day.



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This morning I landed in Dubai.

After waiting for my travelmate Melli we took a taxi an went to the inner city of Dubai.

The ride to citz alone was an adventure, because in Dubais busy city the traffic is more or less one big jam.

Pedestrians running over the streets, an drivers who dont care so much about the rules are just normal.

But in the end our (female!!!)  taxidriver was able to bring us near the hotel.

Where the hotel exactly is we had to find out on ourselves. Thats very typical for this town too. Its growing and changing so fast, that even the taxi drivers dont know all the Adresses.

But now we have to look for our room because we are so tired the we have to relax for a few hours before starting our trip in Dubai for real....




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5 days

Time is running!

After my one week trip to Egypt I haven't got much time to finish my prearrengements for my journey to Australia.

At the moment I'm checking whether I got my visa, passport and all the other certifications I want to take to Australia with me hoping to have some advantages with them.


If I got some time I'll inform you later abaout my trip to egypt but now I have to go on checking an packing!



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